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Subject Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Civil aviation regulationName, contact information and description of the civil aviation authorities concerned with the facilitation of international air navigation.636AIP GEN 1.1GEN 1.6.1
National regulations and international agreements / conventions ratified by the State affecting air navigation637AIP GEN 1.6VFR GEN 1.2
Differences between national regulations and practices of the State and related ICAO provisions, including:b) The complete text of the difference.669AIP GEN 1.7GEN 1.7
a) Provision concerned (Annex number, title, edition number and paragraph)668AIP GEN 1.7GEN 1.7
Regulations and other requirements concerning entry, transit and departure of aircraft on international flights including;d) Private flights673AIP GEN 1.2.4GEN 1.2.4
c) Non-scheduled flights672AIP GEN 1.2.3GEN 1.2.3
a) Regulations applicable to all types of operations670AIP GEN 1.2GEN 1.2.1
b) Scheduled flight671AIP GEN 1.2.2GEN 1.2.2
Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents, including:b) Emergency locator transmitter (ELT), signalling devices and lifesaving equipment.675AIP GEN 1.5
a) Instruments, equipment (including aircraft communication and navigation equipment) and flight documents to be carried on aircraft.674AIP GEN 1.5
Information on rules as applied within the State:b) Visual flight rules677AIP ENR 1.2
a) General rules676AIP ENR 1.1
c) Instrument flight rules678AIP ENR 1.3
General conditions under which low visibility procedures applicable to Cat II/III operations at aerodromes are applied.642AIP AD 1.1.4
The details of aerodrome operating minima applied by the State.643AIP ENR 1.5.3
ATS airspace classification and description644AIP ENR 1.4ENR 1.4 / VFR RAC 4
Conditions under which coordination between the aerodrome operator and air traffic services is effected645AIP GEN 3.3.4
Criteria used to determine minimum flight altitudes.646AIP GEN 3.3.5
Name, contact information and description of the authorities concerned with aircraft accident investigation.647AIP GEN 1.1
Interception procedures and visual signals to be used with a clear indication of whether ICAO provisions are applied and, if not, that differences exist.648AIP ENR 1.12VFR RAC 8
Procedures to be applied in case of unlawful interference.649AIP ENR 1.13
Information on the traffic incidents reporting system.650AIP ENR 1.14
Information on hours of military flight operations1006VFRMVFR GEN 1.5
Information on Anti-hail rocket firings1013VFRMVFR RAC 4.1
Regulations and rules on aerial sporting and recreational activitiesInformation on mountain flying1089CH AIP ENR 5.5
Information service on hazards in Swiss airspace1090CH AIP ENR 5.5
Special rules for free baloon flights1085CH AIP ENR 5.5
Rules for glyder flying1084CH AIP ENR 5.5
Aerodrome regulation and requirementsName, contact information and description of the State’s designated authority responsible for aerodromes and heliports.651AIP AD 1.1.1
ICAO documents on which the operation of aerodromes is based.652AIP AD 1.2
General conditions under which aerodromes/heliports and associated facilities are available for use.653AIP AD 1.1
Criteria applied by the State in grouping aerodromes/heliports shall be provided for the production/distribution/provision of information purposes (e.g. international/national; primary/secondary; major/other; civil/military; etc.).654AIP AD 1.4
Regulations concerning civil use of military air bases.655AIP AD 1.3
Rules governing the establishment of rescue and firefighting services at aerodromes and heliports together with an indication of rescue and firefighting categories established by the State.656AIP AD 1.2.1-2
Information on general snow plan considerations for aerodromes/heliports available for public use at which snow conditions are normally liable to occur657AIP AD 1.2.3
Supplementary prescriptions on aerodrome lightning1007VFRMVFR AGA 0, 3.1
Indications for AD INFO1009VFRMVFRM AGA 3
Customs regulation and requirementsName, contact information and description of the customs authorities.658AIP GEN 1.1GEN 1.1.3 VFR AGA 0
Customs regulations and requirements concerning entry, transit and departure passengers and crew.659AIP GEN 1.3
Customs regulations and requirements concerning entry, transit and departure of cargo and other articles.660AIP GEN 1.4-5GEN 1.4.1
Import and Transport of Animals1160Swiss AIP GEN 1.4 3
Import, transshipment and export of war material1161Swiss AIP Gen 1.4 4
Immigration regulation and requirementsName, contact information and description of the immigration authorities.661AIP GEN 1.1GEN 1.1.4
Immigration regulations and requirements concerning entry, transit and departure passengers and crew.662AIP GEN 1.3GEN 1.3.1\nGEN 1.3.2
Health regulation and requirementsName, contact information and description of the health authorities.663AIP GEN 1.1GEN 1.1.5
Regulations and requirements concerning public health measures applied to aircraft on entry, transit and departure on international flights.664AIP GEN 1.3
Public health regulations and requirements concerning entry, transit and departure passengers and crew.665AIP GEN 1.3
Agricultural quarantine regulation and requirementsName, contact information and description of the authorities concerned with agricultural quarantine.666AIP GEN 1.1GEN 1.1.7
Agricultural quarantine regulations and requirements concerning entry, transit and departure of cargo.667AIP GEN 1.3GEN 1.4.3
Aeronautical information servicesName, contact information and description of aeronautical information service and charting service provided685AIP GEN 3.1.1GEN 3.1.1
Indication if service is not H24686AIP GEN 3.1.1GEN 3.1.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based.687AIP GEN 3.1.1GEN 3.1.1
Area of responsibility688AIP GEN 3.1.2GEN 3.1.2
Information on the elements of the aeronautical information products managed by the aeronautical information services including how they may be obtained.689AIP GEN 3.1.3, AIP GEN 3.1.6GEN 3.1.3 / VFR GEN 1, 1.2
Information on the AIRAC system provided including present and near future AIRAC dates.690AIP GEN 3.1.4GEN 3.1.4
Information on the pre-flight information service available at aerodromes/heliportsc) General area of coverage of such data.751AIP GEN 3.1.5GEN 3.1.5
a) Elements of the Aeronautical Information Products held;749AIP GEN 3.1.5GEN 3.1.5
b) Maps and charts held; and750AIP GEN 3.1.5GEN 3.1.5
Information on aeronautical charts and chart series availability including:b) Scale of series;753AIP GEN 3.2.5GEN 3.2.4
Information on chart legends1014AIP GEN 3.2.4VFR MAP 1.2
a) Title of series;752AIP GEN 3.2.5GEN 3.2.5
c) Name and/or number of each chart or each sheet in a series;754AIP GEN 3.2.5GEN 3.2.6 NIL
d) Information on maintenance (chart revision and amendment);755AIP GEN 3.2.2GEN 3.2.8 NIL
e) Information on how charts may be obtained;756AIP GEN 3.2.3GEN 3.2.3
Information on availability of topographical charts693AIP GEN 3.2.7GEN 3.1.6
Air traffic services and proceduresName, contact information and description of air traffic service provider and ATS units694AIP GEN 3.3.1GEN 3.3.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based695AIP GEN 3.3.1GEN 3.3.1
Indication if service is not H24696AIP GEN 3.3.1GEN 3.3.1
Area of responsibility697AIP GEN 3.3.2GEN 3.3.2
Types of air traffic services provided698AIP GEN 3.3.3GEN 3.3.3
Holding, approach and departure procedures:a) Criteria on which holding, approach and departing procedures are established,757AIP ENR 1.5
d) Procedures (conventional or area navigation or both) for departing flights which are common to flights departing from any aerodrome/heliport.760AIP ENR 1.5
b) Procedures (conventional or area navigation or both) for arriving flights which are common to flights into or within the same type of airspace758AIP ENR 1.5
e) Other relevant information and procedures e.g. entry procedures, final approach alignment, holding procedures and patterns.761AIP ENR 1.5
c) Information if different procedures apply within a terminal airspace759AIP ENR 1.5
ATS surveillance services and procedures for:b) Secondary surveillance radar (SSR)763AIP ENR 1.6
a) Primary radar762AIP ENR 1.6
c) Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B)764AIP ENR 1.6
d) Other relevant information and procedures, e.g. radar failure procedures and transponder failure procedures765AIP ENR 1.6
Altimeter setting procedures701AIP ENR 1.7
Regional supplementary procedures (SUPPs) affecting the entire area of responsibility.702AIP ENR 1.8
Information on air traffic flow management (ATFM) system and airspace management703AIP ENR 1.9
Flight planningInstructions for the completion of the VFR-flight plan form / PLN1012VFRMVFR RAC 1.2 PLN
b) Information on addressing of flight plans767AIP ENR 1.11VFR RAC 1.2
a) Restriction, limitation or advisory information related to the flight planning stage which may assist the user in the presentation of the intended flight operation766AIP ENR 1.10
Information on the type of air navigation service charges including methods of payment and exemptions/reductions where applicable.705AIP GEN 4.2VFR AGA 3, AGA 3 APP A
Suplementary prescriptions on VFR flights by night (NVFR)1008VFRMVFR AGA 0, 3.2; RAC 4
Wake turbulences, separation prescriptions1010VFRMVFR RAC 1.2
Communication servicesName, contact information and description of service provider of telecommunication and navigation facilities706AIP GEN 3.4.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based707AIP GEN 3.4.1
Indication if service is not H24.708AIP GEN 3.4.1
Area of responsibility709AIP GEN 3.4.2
Information on types of services and facilities provided and an indication where detailed information can be obtained.710AIP GEN 3.4.3
Information on requirements and conditions under which the communication service is available.711AIP GEN 3.4.4
Meteorological servicesName, contact information and description of the authorities concerned with meteorology and of the meteorological service.712AIP GEN 3.5.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based.713AIP GEN 3.5.1
Indication if service is not H24714AIP GEN 3.5.1
Area of responsibility715AIP GEN 3.5.2
Information on meteorological observations and reports provided for international air navigationf) Indication of aeronautical climatological information available.773AIP GEN 3.5.3
b) Type and frequency of observation including an indication of automatic observing equipment;769AIP GEN 3.5.3
c) Types of meteorological reports (e.g. METAR) and availability of a trend forecast;770AIP GEN 3.5.3
d) specific type of observation system and number of observation sites used to observe and report surface wind, visibility, runway visual range, cloud base, temperature and, where applicable, wind shear (e.g. anemometer at intersection of runways, transmissometer next to touchdown zone, etc.);771AIP GEN 3.5.3
e) Hours of operation; and772AIP GEN 3.5.3
a) Name of the station and the ICAO location indicator;768AIP GEN 3.5.3
Information on the main type of service provided717AIP GEN 3.5.4
Minimum amount of advance notice required by the meteorological authority from operators in respect of briefing, consultation and flight documentation and other meteorological information they require or change.718AIP GEN 3.5.5
Requirements of the meteorological authority for the making and transmission of aircraft reports719AIP GEN 3.5.6
Information on VOLMET and/or D-VOLMET service, including:e) Hours of service;778AIP GEN 3.5.7
f) list of aerodromes/heliports for which reports and/or forecasts are included; and779AIP GEN 3.5.7
g) Reports, forecasts and SIGMET information included.780AIP GEN 3.5.7
b) call sign or identification and abbreviation for the radio communication emission;775AIP GEN 3.5.7
c) Frequency or frequencies used for broadcast;776AIP GEN 3.5.7
d) Broadcasting period;777AIP GEN 3.5.7
a) Name of transmitting station;774AIP GEN 3.5.7
SIGMET and AIRMET service: Information on Meteorological watch provided within flight information regions or control areas for which air traffic services are provided, including a list of the meteorological watch offices with:c) Flight information region(s) or control area(s) served;783AIP GEN 3.5.8
a) Name of the meteorological watch office, ICAO location indicator;781AIP GEN 3.5.8
e) Specific procedures applied to SIGMET information (e.g. for volcanic ash and tropical cyclones);785AIP GEN 3.5.8
d) SIGMET validity periods;784AIP GEN 3.5.8
g) The air traffic services unit(s) provided with SIGMET and AIRMET787AIP GEN 3.5.8
b) Hours of service;782AIP GEN 3.5.8
f) Procedures applied to AIRMET information (in accordance with relevant regional air navigation agreements);786AIP GEN 3.5.8
Information on other available automated services for the provision of meteorological information.722AIP GEN 3.5.9
Services, procedures and local regulations on aerodromes and heliportsInformation on aerodrome operator including:a) Name and contact information788AIP AD 2.1-2VFR AD INFO
b) Operational hours789AIP AD 2.3.1VFR AD INFO
Information on local regulations applicable to the traffic at use of the aerodrome including the acceptability of training flights, non-radio and micro light aircraft and similar, and to ground manoeuvring and parking.724AIP AD 2.20VFR AD INFO
Information on the type of aerodrome/heliport charges including methods of payment and exemptions/reductions where applicable.725AIP GEN 4.1
Information on noise abatement procedures established at the aerodrome.726AIP AD 2.21
Information on the conditions and flight procedures, including radar and/or ADS-B procedures, established on the basis of airspace organization at the aerodrome.727AIP AD 2.22
Information on low visibility proceduresa) Runway(s) and associated equipment authorized for use under low visibility procedures;790AIP AD 1.1.4
b) Information on meteorological conditions under which initiation, use and termination of low visibility procedures would be made.791AIP AD 1.1.4
c) Description of ground marking/lighting for use under low visibility procedures792AIP AD 1.1.4
Information on bird concentrations at the aerodrome, together with an indication of significant daily movement between resting and feeding areas.729AIP AD 1.1.6
Information on runway friction measuring devices and runway friction level minima.730AIP AD 1.1.5
Information on the equipment and operational priorities established for the clearance of aerodrome movement areas including type(s) of clearing equipment and clearance priorities731AIP AD 2.7
Information on the rescue and firefighting services and equipment available at the aerodrome, including:b) rescue equipment;794AIP AD 2.6.2VFR AD INFO
a) aerodrome category for firefighting;793AIP AD 2.6.1VFR AD INFO
c) capability for removal of disabled aircraft795AIP AD 2.6.3VFR AD INFO
Information on passenger facilities available at the aerodrome/heliport at or in the vicinity of aerodrome or a reference to other information sources such as a website:d) medical facilities799AIP AD 2.5.4
c) transportation798AIP AD 2.5.3
b) restaurants797AIP AD 2.5.2
e) bank and post office800AIP AD 2.5.5
f) tourist office801AIP AD 2.5.6
a) hotels796AIP AD 2.5.1
Information on handling services and facilities available at the aerodrome/heliport including:c) fuelling facilities and capacity and hours of service;804AIP AD 2.3.8, AIP AD 2.4.3VFR AD INFO
e) hangar space for visiting aircraft806AIP AD 2.4.5VFR AD INFO
f) repair facilities for visiting aircraft807AIP AD 2.4.6VFR AD INFO
d) de-icing facilities and hours of service805AIP AD 2.3.11, AIP AD 2.4.4VFR AD INFO
a) cargo-handling facilities802AIP AD 2.4.1VFR AD INFO
b) fuel and oil types803AIP AD 2.4.2VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of AIS briefing office735AIP AD 2.3.4
Information on hours of operation of ATS reporting office (ARO)736AIP AD 2.3.5
Information on hours of operation of MET briefing office737AIP AD 2.3.6
Information on hours of operation of air traffic service738AIP AD 2.3.7VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of customs and immigration739AIP AD 2.3.2VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of health and sanitation740AIP AD 2.3.3
Information on hours of operation of security741AIP AD 2.3.10
Information on the existence of an obstacle free zone / sector996AIP AD 2.12.11
Meteorological information provided at the aerodrome and an indication of which meteorological office is responsible for the service enumerated, including:e) charts and other information displayed or available for briefing or consultation1002AIP AD 2.11.7
c) information on how briefing and/or consultation is provided1000AIP AD 2.11.5
d) types of flight documentation supplied and language(s) used in flight documentation1001AIP AD 2.11.6
h) additional information (e.g. concerning any limitation of service, etc.)1005AIP AD 2.11.10
b) office responsible for preparation of TAFs and periods of validity, interval of issuance of the forecasts, availability of the trend forecasts for the aerodrome, and interval of issuance999AIP AD 2.11.3, AIP AD 2.11.4
a) name of the associated meteorological office and information on hours of service998AIP AD 2.11.1, AIP AD 2.11.2
f) supplementary equipment available for providing information on meteorological conditions, e.g. weather radar and receiver for satellite images1003AIP AD 2.11.8
g) the air traffic services unit(s) provided with meteorological information1004AIP AD 2.11.9
Search and Rescue services and proceduresName, contact information and description of the authorities responsible for search and rescue.742AIP GEN 3.6.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based.743AIP GEN 3.6.1
Area of responsibility744AIP GEN 3.6.2
Types of services745AIP GEN 3.6.5
Information on SAR agreements746AIP GEN 3.6.4
Brief description on provisions for SAR including general conditions under which the service and facilities are available for international use, including an indication of whether a facility available for search and rescue is specialized in SAR techniques and functions, or is specially used for other purposes but adapted for SAR purposes by training and equipment, or is only occasionally available and has no particular training or preparation for SAR work.747AIP GEN 3.6.5
Procedures and signals employed by rescue aircraft and also the signals to be used by survivors.748AIP GEN 3.6.5
Alerting service for VFR flights - including flights partly VFR and NVFR flights1011VFRMVFR RAC 1.2
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