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Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Designator275TextThe full textual designator of the taxiway.Annex 15 App 1 AD 2.8 2) \nAnnex 14 I 2.5.1 c)
Width276DistanceThe transversal extent of the taxiway.Annex 15 App 1 AD 2.8 2) \nAnnex 14 I 2.5.1 c)1 messentialsurveyed1 m or 1 ftLD0201 messential1 mroutine
Geometry277PolygonGeographical location of the taxiway elementAMDB
Bridge278TextType of bridge (none, overpass, underpass)AMDB
Surface type279TextSurface type of taxiwayAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.8 2) \nAnnex 14 I 2.5.1 c) \nAMDBVFR AD INFO
StrengthSubgrade category344TextSubgrade strength category of taxiwayAnnex 14 I 2.6.2 c)
Evaluation method346TextThe evaluation method used to determine the taxiway strengthAnnex 14 I 2.6.2 c)
Allowable pressure345TextMaximum allowable tire pressure category or maximum allowable tire pressure valueAnnex 14 I 2.6.2 c)
Pavement type343TextPavement type for aircraft classification number — pavement classification number (ACN-PCN) determinationAnnex 14 I 2.6.2 b)
PCN342TextPavement classification number of taxiwayAnnex 14 I 2.6.2.a)
Aircraft restrictions281TextUsage restriction (prohibition) for specified aircraft typeAnnex 4 14.6 d)
Center line pointsPosition347PointGeographical coordinates of taxiway center line pointsAnnex 14 I messentialsurveyed1/100 sec1/100 secLL0210.5 messential
Elevation348ElevationElevation of taxiway center line pointsAnnex 14 I App 5 Table A5-21 messentialsurveyedEH0141 messential
ShoulderGeometry349PolygonGeographical location of the taxiway shoulderAMDB
Width351DistanceThe width of the taxiway shoulderAnnex 14 I App 5 Table A5-5 1 messentialsurveyed1 m or 1 ftLD0221 messential
Surface type350TextSurface type of taxiway shoulderAMDB
Guidance linesDirection357TextDirectionAMDB
Geometry352LineGeoghraphical location of guidance linesAnnex 15 App 7 \nAnnex 4 App 6 \nAnnex 14 App 5 \nAMDB0.5 messentialsurveyed1/100 sec1/100 secLL0210.5 messential
Colour353TextColour of taxiway guidance linesAMDB
Style354TextStyle of taxiway guidance linesAMDB
Maxspeed356ValueMaximum speedAMDB
Intermediate holding position marking line285LineIntermediate holding position marking lineAnnex 15 App 5 \nAnnex 4 App 6 \nAnnex 14 App 50.5 messentialsurveyed1/100 sec1 secLL0230.5 messential
Taxiway markingDescription358TextDescription of taxiway markingAnnex 14 I 5.2.1 g) \nAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.9 2)
Taxiway edge lightsPosition360PointGeographical location of each individual light of the taxiway edge lightsAMDB
Description359TextDescription of taxiway edge lightsAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.15 3) \nAnnex 14 I 2.5.1 g)
Taxiway centre line lightsDescription361TextDescription of taxiway centre line lightsAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.15 3) \nAnnex 14 I 2.5.1 g)
Position362PointGeographical location of each individual light of the taxiway center line lightsAMDB
Stop barsDescription363TextDescription of the stop bars if anyAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.9 3)
Geometry364LineLocation of the stop bar0.5 messential
Runway guard lightsDescription365TextDescription of the runway guard lights and other runway protection measures if anyAnnex 15 App 1 AD 2.9 3)
Geometry367LineLocation of the runway guard lightsConfiguration BAnnex 14 \nAnnex 4 13.6 g)0.5 messential
Position366PointLocation of the runway guard lightsConfiguration AAnnex 14 \nAnnex 4 13.6 g)0.5 messential
Runway holding positionCatstop370Code listCAT of runway (0, I, II, III)AMDB
RWY ahead text371TextActual text as it exists in the marking. For example, RWY AHEAD or RUNWAY AHEAD.AMDB
Protected runway369TextDesignator of the runway protectedAMDB
Geometry368LineGeoghraphical location of holding positionsAnnex 14 I App 5 A5-1 \nAnnex 15 App 7 \nAnnex 4 App 6 \nAMDB0.5 messentialsurveyed1/100 sec1 secLL0190.5 messential
Intermediate holding positionGeometry372LineGeographical location of intermediate holding position - A designated position intended for traffic control at which taxiing aircraft and vehicles shall\nstop and hold until further cleared to proceed, when so instructed by the aerodrome control tower.Annex 4 15.6 d) \nAMDB0.5 messential
Reference code letter980Code listA letter based on the aeroplane wingspan and outer main gear wheel spanAnnex 14 I 1.6
Location for wing tips extension1358PointFor aerodromes accomodating aeroplanes with folding wing tips, the location where to extend the wing tips
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