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Aircraft stand

Number of rows: 20
Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Name316TextName of the aircraft stand pointAMDB
Acft stand pointsAircraft types380Code listAircraft typesAMDB
Position379PointGeographical location of aircraft stand pointAnnex 14 I 2.5.4; Annex 4 13.6.1 i) 14.6 c) 15.6 c)0.5 mroutinesurveyed1/100 sec1/100 secLL0270.5 mroutine
Identification sign318TextDescription of aircraft stand identification signAIP AD 2.9.1; Annex 14 I 5.4.6
Visual docking parking guidance system319TextDescription of visual docking/parking guidance system at the aircraft standAIP AD 2.9.1; Annex 14 I 2.5.1 g)
Parking stand area320PolygonGeographical location of parking stand areaAnnex 4 13.6.1 e) 14.6 b) 15.6 b); AMDB
Jetway321Code listJetway available at aircraft standAMDB
Fuel322Code listFuel available at aircraft standAMDB
Ground power323Code listGround power available at aircraft standAMDB
Towing324Code listTowing available at aicraft standAMDB
Terminal325TextTerminal building referenceAMDB
Surface type326TextSurface type of the aircraft standAnnex 4 13.6.1 e) 14.6 b) 15.6 b); AMDB
Aircraft restriction327TextUsage restriction (prohibition) for specified aircraft typeAnnex 4 13.6.1 e) 14.6 b) 15.6 b); AMDB
PCN328TextPavement classification number of aircraft standAnnex 4 13.6.1 e) 14.6 b) 15.6 b); AMDB
Stand guidance lineStyle386Code listStyle of stand guidance lineAnnex 4 15.6 b), AMDB
Wingspan384ValueWingspan Annex 4 15.6 b), AMDB
Geometry381LineGeographical location of parking guidance lineAnnex 4 15.6 b), Annex 14 I App 5, AMDB0.5 messentialsurveyed1/100 secLL0210.5 messential
Colour385Code listColour of stand guidance line Annex 4 15.6 b), AMDB
Direction383TextDirection of stand guidance lineAMDB
Elevation382ElevationParking guidance line points elevationAnnex 14 App. 51 messentialsurveyedEH0141 messential
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