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Civil aviation regulation

Number of rows: 28
Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Name, contact information and description of the civil aviation authorities concerned with the facilitation of international air navigation.6361.1.1GEN 1.6.1
National regulations and international agreements / conventions ratified by the State affecting air navigation6371.1.2VFR GEN 1.2
Differences between national regulations and practices of the State and related ICAO provisions, including:b) The complete text of the difference.6691.1.3GEN 1.7
a) Provision concerned (Annex number, title, edition number and paragraph)6681.1.3GEN 1.7
Regulations and other requirements concerning entry, transit and departure of aircraft on international flights including;c) Non-scheduled flights6721.1.4GEN 1.2.3
d) Private flights6731.1.4GEN 1.2.4
a) Regulations applicable to all types of operations6701.1.4GEN 1.2.1
b) Scheduled flight6711.1.4GEN 1.2.2
Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents, including:b) Emergency locator transmitter (ELT), signalling devices and lifesaving equipment.6751.1.5
a) Instruments, equipment (including aircraft communication and navigation equipment) and flight documents to be carried on aircraft.6741.1.5
Information on rules as applied within the State:a) General rules6761.1.6
b) Visual flight rules6771.1.6
c) Instrument flight rules6781.1.6
General conditions under which low visibility procedures applicable to Cat II/III operations at aerodromes are applied.6421.1.7
The details of aerodrome operating minima applied by the State.6431.1.8
ATS airspace classification and description6441.1.9ENR 1.4 / VFR RAC 4
Conditions under which coordination between the aerodrome operator and air traffic services is effected6451.1.10
Criteria used to determine minimum flight altitudes.6461.1.11
Name, contact information and description of the authorities concerned with aircraft accident investigation.6471.1.12
Interception procedures and visual signals to be used with a clear indication of whether ICAO provisions are applied and, if not, that differences exist.6481.1.13VFR RAC 8
Procedures to be applied in case of unlawful interference.6491.1.14
Information on the traffic incidents reporting system.6501.1.15
Information on hours of military flight operations1006VFRMVFR GEN 1.5
Information on Anti-hail rocket firings1013VFRMVFR RAC 4.1
Regulations and rules on aerial sporting and recreational activitiesInformation on mountain flying1089CH AIP ENR 5.5
Special rules for free baloon flights1085CH AIP ENR 5.5
Information service on hazards in Swiss airspace1090CH AIP ENR 5.5
Rules for glyder flying1084CH AIP ENR 5.5
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