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Aeronautical information services

Number of rows: 16
Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Name, contact information and description of aeronautical information service and charting service provided6852.1.1GEN 3.1.1
Indication if service is not H246862.1.2GEN 3.1.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based.6872.1.3GEN 3.1.1
Area of responsibility6882.1.4GEN 3.1.2
Information on the elements of the aeronautical information products managed by the aeronautical information services including how they may be obtained.6892.1.5GEN 3.1.3 / VFR GEN 1, 1.2
Information on the AIRAC system provided including present and near future AIRAC dates.6902.1.6GEN 3.1.4
Information on the pre-flight information service available at aerodromes/heliportsa) Elements of the Aeronautical Information Products held;7492.1.7GEN 3.1.5
b) Maps and charts held; and7502.1.7GEN 3.1.5
c) General area of coverage of such data.7512.1.7GEN 3.1.5
Information on aeronautical charts and chart series availability including:d) Information on maintenance (chart revision and amendment);7552.1.8GEN 3.2.8 NIL
Information on chart legends1014VFRMVFR MAP 1.2
e) Information on how charts may be obtained;7562.1.8GEN 3.2.3
a) Title of series;7522.1.8GEN 3.2.5
c) Name and/or number of each chart or each sheet in a series;7542.1.8GEN 3.2.6 NIL
b) Scale of series;7532.1.8GEN 3.2.4
Information on availability of topographical charts6932.1.9GEN 3.1.6
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