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Meteorological services

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Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Name, contact information and description of the authorities concerned with meteorology and of the meteorological service.7122.4.1
ICAO documents on which the service is based.7132.4.2
Indication if service is not H247142.4.3
Area of responsibility7152.4.4
Information on meteorological observations and reports provided for international air navigatione) Hours of operation; and7722.4.5
f) Indication of aeronautical climatological information available.7732.4.5
a) Name of the station and the ICAO location indicator;\"7682.4.5
b) Type and frequency of observation including an indication of automatic observing equipment;7692.4.5
c) Types of meteorological reports (e.g. METAR) and availability of a trend forecast;7702.4.5
d) specific type of observation system and number of observation sites used to observe and report surface wind, visibility, runway visual range, cloud base, temperature and, where applicable, wind shear (e.g. anemometer at intersection of runways, transmissometer next to touchdown zone, etc.);7712.4.5
Information on the main type of service provided7172.4.6
Minimum amount of advance notice required by the meteorological authority from operators in respect of briefing, consultation and flight documentation and other meteorological information they require or change.7182.4.7
Requirements of the meteorological authority for the making and transmission of aircraft reports7192.4.8
Information on VOLMET and/or D-VOLMET service, including:e) Hours of service;7782.4.9
f) list of aerodromes/heliports for which reports and/or forecasts are included; and7792.4.9
g) Reports, forecasts and SIGMET information included.7802.4.9
d) Broadcasting period;7772.4.9
c) Frequency or frequencies used for broadcast;7762.4.9
b) call sign or identification and abbreviation for the radio communication emission;7752.4.9
a) Name of transmitting station;\"7742.4.9
SIGMET and AIRMET service: Information on Meteorological watch provided within flight information regions or control areas for which air traffic services are provided, including a list of the meteorological watch offices with:g) The air traffic services unit(s) provided with SIGMET and AIRMET7872.4.10
c) Flight information region(s) or control area(s) served;7832.4.10
b) Hours of service;7822.4.10
a) Name of the meteorological watch office, ICAO location indicator;\"7812.4.10
d) SIGMET validity periods;7842.4.10
e) Specific procedures applied to SIGMET information (e.g. for volcanic ash and tropical cyclones);7852.4.10
f) Procedures applied to AIRMET information (in accordance with relevant regional air navigation agreements);7862.4.10
Information on other available automated services for the provision of meteorological information.7222.4.11
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