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Services, procedures and local regulations on aerodromes and heliports

Number of rows: 43
Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Information on aerodrome operator including:a) Name and contact information7882.5.1VFR AD INFO
b) Operational hours7892.5.1VFR AD INFO
Information on local regulations applicable to the traffic at use of the aerodrome including the acceptability of training flights, non-radio and micro light aircraft and similar, and to ground manoeuvring and parking.7242.5.2VFR AD INFO
Information on the type of aerodrome/heliport charges including methods of payment and exemptions/reductions where applicable.7252.5.3
Information on noise abatement procedures established at the aerodrome.7262.5.4
Information on the conditions and flight procedures, including radar and/or ADS-B procedures, established on the basis of airspace organization at the aerodrome.7272.5.5
Information on low visibility proceduresa) Runway(s) and associated equipment authorized for use under low visibility procedures;7902.5.6
b) Information on meteorological conditions under which initiation, use and termination of low visibility procedures would be made.7912.5.6
c) Description of ground marking/lighting for use under low visibility procedures7922.5.6
Information on bird concentrations at the aerodrome, together with an indication of significant daily movement between resting and feeding areas.7292.5.7
Information on runway friction measuring devices and runway friction level minima.7302.5.8
Information on the equipment and operational priorities established for the clearance of aerodrome movement areas including type(s) of clearing equipment and clearance priorities7312.5.9
Information on the rescue and firefighting services and equipment available at the aerodrome, including:c) capability for removal of disabled aircraft7952.5.10VFR AD INFO
b) rescue equipment;7942.5.10VFR AD INFO
a) aerodrome category for firefighting;7932.5.10VFR AD INFO
Information on passenger facilities available at the aerodrome/heliport at or in the vicinity of aerodrome or a reference to other information sources such as a website:d) medical facilities7992.5.11
a) hotels7962.5.11
c) transportation7982.5.11
e) bank and post office8002.5.11
b) restaurants7972.5.11
f) tourist office8012.5.11
Information on handling services and facilities available at the aerodrome/heliport including:c) fuelling facilities and capacity and hours of service;8042.5.12VFR AD INFO
b) fuel and oil types8032.5.12VFR AD INFO
d) de-icing facilities and hours of service8052.5.12VFR AD INFO
e) hangar space for visiting aircraft8062.5.12VFR AD INFO
f) repair facilities for visiting aircraft8072.5.12VFR AD INFO
a) cargo-handling facilities8022.5.12VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of AIS briefing office7352.5.15
Information on hours of operation of ATS reporting office (ARO)7362.5.16
Information on hours of operation of MET briefing office7372.5.17
Information on hours of operation of air traffic service7382.5.18VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of customs and immigration7392.5.19VFR AD INFO
Information on hours of operation of health and sanitation7402.5.20
Information on hours of operation of security7412.5.21
Information on the existence of an obstacle free zone / sector9962.5.13
Meteorological information provided at the aerodrome and an indication of which meteorological office is responsible for the service enumerated, including:e) charts and other information displayed or available for briefing or consultation10022.5.14
c) information on how briefing and/or consultation is provided10002.5.14
b) office responsible for preparation of TAFs and periods of validity, interval of issuance of the forecasts, availability of the trend forecasts for the aerodrome, and interval of issuance9992.5.14
f) supplementary equipment available for providing information on meteorological conditions, e.g. weather radar and receiver for satellite images10032.5.14
a)  name of the associated meteorological office and information on hours of service9982.5.14
g) the air traffic services unit(s) provided with meteorological information10042.5.14
d) types of flight documentation supplied and language(s) used in flight documentation10012.5.14
h) additional information (e.g. concerning any limitation of service, etc.)10052.5.14
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