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Buildings Buildings (of operational significance) and other salient/prominent (aerodrome) features
Political boundaries International political boundaries
Wooded areas Wooded areas
Service roads Part of aerodrome surface used by service vehicles
Construction area Part of aerodrome area under construction
Survey control point A monumented survey control point
ASRN node A vertex in a graph defining the Aerodrome Surface Routing Network
ASRN edge A connection between two nodes in a graph defining the Aerodrome Surface Routing Network
Noise sensitive area
Wildlife areas Wildruhezonen
Protected areas \"Schutzgebiete\" according AULAV Art 19
Sanctuaries for silence and nature Landschaftsruhezonen (Art 8 Abs. 4 LFG)
Prohibited low flying
Bird Migration Description of movements of birds associated with migration, including migration routes
DTM Digital Terrain Model
Built up areas Areas covered by cities, towns and villages
Railroads All railroads having landmark value
Highways and Roads All highways and roads having landmark value
Landmarks Natural and cultural landmarks, such as bridges, prominent transmission lines, permanent cable\ncar installations, wind turbines, mine structures, forts, ruins, levees, pipelines, rocks, bluffs, cliffs, sand dunes, isolated\nlighthouses and lightships, when considered to be of importance for visual air navigation.
Hydrography All water features comprising shore lines, lakes, rivers and streams (including those non-perennial in nature), salt lakes, glaciers and ice caps
Aircraft movement unsuitable area Areas unsuitable for aircraft movement
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